Gaby (squaringkarma) wrote in cloud_watchers,

Kristen still remembers us!

She mentions The Plane! Oh, I'm so stoked about this. Three years, two months, and 14 days later and she still remembers The Plane!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, rowanceleste! (I keep forgetting where you have a _ and where you don't, A!)
Tags: plane
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I only have a _ on Twitter! ;D
love that she bought up the plane.. and then the "you guys dont know what i'm talking about..." hee
This is the video to bring me out of hiding. We had some times with this show, eh?
It's good to bring you out of hiding!

We had some times with this show, eh?

We certainly did.

~formerly beppergirl
Hi Mark!!!!
I wonder if we could motivate enough people to break out their VM t-shirts and wear them to Astro Boy on opening weekend? Maybe work up some PR about VM fans putting their money where their mouth is and showing up in droves (the way they'd turn out for a VM movie)...just a thought.
Oh! Or maybe we could bring signs or wear t-shirts that say, "I'd rather be watching the Veronica Mars movie."
LOL. Now I just want a shirt in general that says, "I'd rather be watching Veronica Mars."
If there are any plans to organize anything else you can count on me for support. I didn't discover Veronica Mars until it had been canceled, but I would love to see anything else from the series.
I love this show and I will never get tired of watching it. When I mean watch of course it involves my laptop and 60 hours of free time to watch all three seasons consecutively. This show only gets better. I'm not gonna lie I've been pining over it long enough and have given up most of my hope. Veronica mars deserves proper closure. The season three finale was by no means a slam shut ending. Just would like it to say I would go multiply times to the Vmars movie and drag as many friends as possible with me if it by some miracle it ever goes big screen.