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Join Fans4Writers in supporting the people who write the shows and movies we love

Fans4Writers is a movement of fans – fans of TV shows and movies, actors, directors, producers, crewmembers and everyone involved in the team effort of crafting wonder. But most of all we are fans of writers, because they are where the wonder begins. They write the words we remember, they create the characters we love, they think up the lines that stay with us forever.

As supporters of the people who develop and write the stories that have meant so much to so many, we wanted to do something tangible to show them that we support the Writers Guild of America strike.

And so we are proud to bring you - our fellow fans - is a rallying point for all fans. We are supporting the strike through morale boosting activities, protests to networks and advertisers, spreading the word and educating the curious.

Originally conceived by fans of Joss Whedon, has evolved to encompass fans of all writers. And we are committed to providing ongoing support for the duration of the strike.

So, what are we doing?

Our “Food for Thought” program delivers sustenance to those on the picket lines. Our “Postcard Protest” is a simple way to get your message to where it’s needed most. Our media campaign will tell the industry -- and the public -- in no uncertain terms that we support the writers' right to a fair deal. And if that weren’t enough, we have lots of goodies available to help you spread the word.

To find out more about what you can do to support the WGA strike, go to

You can also help by donating to our “Food for Thought” and other programs. At the conclusion of the strike, any remaining funds will be donated to the Writers Guild Foundation to support its charitable and educational activities.

Remember, without the writers, there would be no fandoms. And without us, there would be no studios.

Yours in solidarity,

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