Nostalgia (spadada) wrote in cloud_watchers,

"More money. Less Moonves."

I have not talked to the other mods about this and it is not like the media is calling us for a quote or anything, but I feel the need to go on record and say that Cloud Watchers supports the writers. Feel free to discuss you own opinions about the strike in the comments.

As fans of Veronica Mars, we value good writing and we expect writers to receive a fair percentage of all revenue generated from their creative efforts. We want new episodes of our favorite shows, but we want fair contracts for writers more.

We support all the unknown writers on the lines by supporting everyone who ever wrote even one episode of Veronica Mars. These people may or may not be current guild members and may or may not be striking, but when we think about how important the writers are in this equation, we think of them.

Rob Thomas
John Enbom
Phil Klemmer
Diane Ruggiero
Cathy Belben
Jason Elen
Robert Hull
Jonathan Moskin
David Mulei
Carolyn Murray
Dayna North
Jed Seidel
John Serge
Russell Smith
Joe Voci
Aury Wallington

Tags: wga strike
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