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DVD Campaign Update

Updated June 30 Since May 2, Veronica Mars fans have come together to donate 306 DVD sets to libraries across the country.

That's a retail value of $18,353.90 ($9,935.80 at the current Amazon price)!
These sets have been donated to:
- All of the top 30 Nielsen Markets
- 48 of the top 50 Markets
- 79 of the top 100 Markets
306 Donations to all 50 states!
Missing markets in the top 50:
-Cincinnati, OH (Becky is contacting)
-Birmingham, AL (Lauren has been trying to confirm for a long time. May need a local, as they do not return calls or e-mails)

After renewal, we made two goals to hit before the Season Premiere:
1) Donations in all 50 states/top 100 Nielsen markets
2) A total of 300 donations, doubling our pre-renewal number

We have the opportunity to hit the 2nd goal by July 1st, and I think we should go for it. Thanks to pending CafePress earnings, we have the funds to make donations, but we need help confirming that the libraries will accept and circulate them. So, I need volunteers who will try and confirm the following markets this week (listed in order of priority):

Confirmation Needed! (I just learned the strikethrough code, so I'm crossing them off as we get volunteers)
Bonus: I will send a PRIZE to anyone who confirms Alaska or Hawaii for us this week: Update- Amy (Scrow) and Spadada WIN!
Richmond, VA
Omaha, NE
Rochester, NY: Long Day's Night is Contacting
Columbia, SC: Long Day's Night is Contacting
Savannah, GA: Long Day's Night is Contacting
Alaska: Anchorage Municipal Libraries
Las Vegas, NV
Dayton, OH
Paducah, KY/Cape Girardeau, MO: Long Day's Night is contacting
Jackson, MS
Baton Rouge, LA:
Johnstown/Altoona, PA:
South Dakota
Syracuse, NY
Wichita, KS
Huntsville, AL: Lauren is contacting
Springfield, MO: Lauren is contacting
-The statewide system has 2 copies, but they are all on Oahu, so Long Days Night chose the following locations for confirmation:
Hilo Public Library: (808)933-8888-Amy CONFIRMED (and they seemed to know about the campaign)!
Thelma Parker Memorial Library (808)887-6067: Librarian was worried about content/won't fully confirm.

We have very specific library systems in mind for these areas (Long Days Night did a fantastic job researching where would be most effective) so e-mail me (mollypick at or post a comment if you are interested and I will send you contact info. If you have never confirmed before, I can also walk you through this very simple process.

Donations Needed! There are currently 38 libraries with unfulfilled requests.
Finally, we still have several libraries who requested donations via the Publib listserv that we have not been able to fulfill. If you would like to make a personal donation, please consider one of the libraries listed here:

Website Coming Soon!
We are working on a Cloud Watchers website that will provide you with information on the DVD drive, as well as other aspects of the campaign. Stay tuned for that info!

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