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Season 1 available for a Public Library

Because I got a gift of the entire three season set, and I already have Season 1, I now have an extra Season 1 dvds. I'd like to donate the extra dvds(the new one, of course!) to a public library for viewing-not resale-purposes.

I do have three other stipulations on the donation: a)I'd like to be able to get a receipt for tax purposes b)The librarians in your library are friendly to the public. My public library is very unfriendly, which is part of the reason they're not getting it (I also donated one set already to them), and c) Your library does not have censorship policies in place and does not report on the borrowing/reading habits of its users. I'll take b and c on faith alone, but since this is a donation, I'd appreciate my stipulations being considered.

First email to me with address gets the dvds.
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