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I was not behind this campaign till Jane Espenson told me and raelee that she and Joss Whedon and a bunch of Mutant Enemy writers were in favor of it. Then the creator of The Big Bang Theory approached us at Warner Brothers to talk to us about it. Then Joss posted about it and said the creators of Eureka and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia were also into it and suddenly I was all for sending pencils to media moguls. (Rob McElhenney is my new favorite Rob.)

Call me a follower if you want, but it's more innovative than I originally thought: it's a joint venture between showrunners and fans in support of ALL writers. It's historic!

Okay, what is Pencils2MediaMoguls?
We’re asking people to use our site to buy pencils to send to the six media moguls who run the six corporate conglomerates.

Why pencils?
A lot of different fan sites were suggesting that people send pencils to networks and studios. United Hollywood and Strike Points met with some of the television showrunners, and together we decided to follow the fans’ lead.

Pencils have become the symbol of our cause: We are putting them down until we get a fair deal.


Veronica Mars might not be on the air anymore, but the VM writers are still out there trying to make a living. Thank them for three years of VM by supporting their union.

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