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Plane Is the Buzzword

I have some good news and some bad news, but the bad news is made irrelevant by the good news.

I e-mailed Rob:

Any idea how Dawn or any of the important people in the CW are reacting to this? Have they opened their care boxes? I think you should probably be getting yours today. If I remember correctly, you and Kristen are getting the cool Hearst paraphernalia as well. It's so damn cool.

His response:

I expect it went to the office (where no one is any more.) I know Joel got his and called me. EVERYONE at my party was talking about the plane, though no one actually saw it. But, at the end of the day, "everyone talking about it" is what's needed. Very cool that y'all did that.

It should be noted that network and studio people were at Rob's party. I think it's frickin' awesome that it was such a hot topic of conversation. Even the people who didn't see it with their own eyes know it was there and what we did, and that's really what matters. Major props to everyone involved in getting the word out.
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